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Not Ready To Adopt?  How about Foster!

You know what is really great? Fostering! It's like being a grandparent ... you can have them as long as you want and when you are done with them ... send them home! Want a rabbit but not a 10 year commitment? Want a rabbit but have never had one so would like to test it out first? Fostering is the answer. Click on the link and take a look at the rabbits available to foster at SBRR.

Foster Rabbits

Look who has been adopted!​


Brian, Melissa, Matthew and Bryce added another boy to their family Saturday May 20, 2017 while at the PetSmart in Sand City.  This rabbit is big enough to fit right in.

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Renata fell in love with this beautiful girl on Saturday May 20, 2017 while at the PetSmart in Sand City. I see pink painted toenails in Wilma's future!

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The One

On June 11, 2017, The One met The One for her, Juliana.  The One was confiscated by the Monterey SPCA and was part of an ongoing investigation.  It is wonderful that the past is really behind her and she has such a bright future ahead!

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Smokey (Hanibal)

Smokey can to SBRR as his human felt that they just didn't have time for him and felt he needed another rabbit friend.  On June 18, 2017 he was bonded with Bun Bun a 6 year old Rex whose owner wanted him to have a furry friend.  Every bunny won that day!

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Overlooked so many times because he had ruby eyes ... But not this day!  One look into each others eyes and it was love at first sight.  We are so very happy for Frost and his new human.

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Look at that smile!  Not on her, on Felix!  True happiness is pictured right here.  1st treat Felix got when he got home ... a strawberry.  Bet it was the 1st one he ever had in his life and it came from his own human!

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This little sweet bun found this young sweet girl and the picture is proof.  Some days it pays to be a cute little black bunny with floppy ears and this was one of those days.

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We don't know who was more excited ... Mom, daughter or bun!  This little bun is in for the time of her life.  Ribbons and bows and painted toenails are just part of it and pictures have already been shared of the bows in her hair (Sugar's hair that is)

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Some days no one wants a rabbit and some days everyone wants the same one.  This is what happened with Whiskers.  This big American Chinchilla buck is living the life.  He is just another 'guy' in this house full of men.  What a great day for Whiskers.

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This big energetic buck went to the perfect young man. Ethan saved his money from doing yards to buy his own rabbit and is sharing with his 2 other brothers and sister.  This rabbit is going to be in heaven!

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Cathy was 1st in line this day!  She wasn't going to miss out on getting the bun she wanted.  Azure is Gloria's 1st rabbit and she sure did pick a great one to start with.

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Gloria walked in and fell in love.  She knew she needed a rabbit.  She held and cuddled several rabbits before making her decision, but it was Prailine who decided for her.  One hug and kiss from a bunny and it's all over for the human!

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