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When you adopt from South Bay Rabbit Rescue, you get more than the rabbit.  Scroll through what is included in your adoption.  At the end of the list, click on "Adoptable Rabbits" to find your next flufferbun.  They are listed alphabetically.

FREE Exam Banfield 

 When you adopt with us,  take your pet to Banfield Hospital on Almaden Expressway in San Jose for a free exam.  You are also donating to us. Keep your pet and healthy!

          FREE Exam Adobe

When you adopt with us, take your pet to Adobe Hospital for a free exam within 6 months of adoption.  Find a hospital near you: Keep your rabbit and healthy!

Spay or Neuter

Most rabbits are spayed and neutered prior to adoption.  However, if they are not, your adoption donation includes the spay or neuter.  Appointments will be made within 30 days of adoption.  We have several vets available throughout the bay area.

Money Saving Coupons

Money saving coupons to Small Pet Select, Sherwood Pet Health, gotPetSupplies, Pet Food Express and Petsmart

Socialized Rabbits

Our rabbits are socialized with dogs, cats and kids. Several enjoy being held and cuddled.  Others don't mind being walked on harnesses.  Loud noises don't scare them and they are comfortable in new surroundings.

RHDV2 Vaccinated

On Friday July 31, 2020, every rabbit in the care of SBRR at the time was vaccinated against this disease.  For more information about this disease:

Available for Adoption

Want to see the wonderful rabbits available for adoption: 

click the Adoptable Rabbits button now!  Please know that the application is not an obligation to adopt.  This is just a step in the adoption process.  Should you bond with a rabbit other than the one you applied for, we simply change the name on the application which becomes your contract once you adopt. (You must be over 18 in California to complete the adoption application.)

Adoptable Rabbits

Partners for Pets


We believe in helping homeless animals and are committed to supporting the animal welfare organizations that serve our nation's homeless pets through the Partners for Pets program.

Learn More