Your donation of any amount enables South Bay Rabbit Rescue to continue its work in the community.  All of the operating funds are generated by you, the public,  and go directly to the care of the rabbits.  Your donation helps purchase pellets, hay, litter, medicine.  But most of all the funds are needed to spay and neuter the rabbits to prevent unwanted litters and to get those hormones in check so our adopters can get the best bunny possible!  Don't want to use PayPal, that is okay.  We have Google Wallet and Venmo too.  Use our email address of [email protected]      Thank you in advance for your donation.


How to Adopt

1.  Check out our adoptable rabbits under the Adoptable Rabbits tab. Scroll through what is included in adoption and click the 2nd "Adoptable Rabbits" tab.  Rabbits are listed alphabetically.

2.  Complete the online application for the rabbit you are interested in. Completing the application is NOT and obligation to adopt, just a step in our process.

3.  An email and text will be sent to you with any questions we may have and will give you instructions on how to arrange a meeting with the rabbit you are interested in. 

4.  Meet the rabbit you are interested in at 571 Creekside Lane, Morgan Hill.  Most appointments are 1 hour long with a member of SBRR. You are free to hang out with the rabbit as long as time permits. (must have appointment as gate code is required to enter)

5.  If the meeting goes well and you are an approved adopter, make the adoption donation via Venmo, Cash, Check, Charge, PayPal, Google Pay, Samsung Pay

6.  Take the newest member of your family home!

** Please note that we are adopting to permanent homes only.  **

Our Calendar

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Want to Volunteer?

Need hours for community service or for FFA?  Love rabbits and want to help?  Whatever your reason, feel free to complete the online application and get started today!

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South Bay Rabbit Rescue (SBRR) will prevent the cruelty to rabbits by providing food, warmth, shelter and rehabilitation to the abandoned and neglected rabbits in the South Bay. SBRR will assist those who can no longer care for their rabbits. Rabbits in our care will be given medical treatment, spayed or neutered and adopted to permanent caring homes. Additional education will be provided to the human for the care of their new rabbit to ensure a happy transition into the home.

​SBRR will make a difference 1 human and 1 rabbit at a time.

Incorporated May 04, 2017

A California Non Profit 501(c)(3)  EIN# 82-1364730

Our Services​​


Rescue is simply taking from a situation that is less than ideal for the rabbit and putting it in a better place.  We are called out regularly to catch rabbits that have been left to fend on their own.  Domestic rabbits may appear to be doing okay in the wild, but they really aren't.  They do not have the 'instinct' to survive.  That is where rescue comes in.  Rabbits running loose create traffic hazards, destroy yards and encourage bad behavior in other animals.


Surrendering is another way of saying 'give it away'.  However, by surrendering to SBRR, your rabbit will receive medical treatment and will be spayed or neutered. If your rabbit is already sterilized, please be sure to have a copy of the sterilization so that exploratory surgery will not be required to verify sterilization. It is our goal to help improve the lives of both the human and the rabbit.  There is a $35.00 surrender donation that goes towards the care of the rabbit and when surrendering.  To access the surrender form, click on the picture to the right.

Spay or Neuter

How many times have you heard someone say 'they were supposed to be both boys!'  Rabbits can be difficult to determine their sex at young ages and are often sexed wrong!  Thus you believe you have 2 boys and end up with 14 rabbits in about 31 days.  Spaying and neutering prevents unwanted pregnancy, overpopulation and improves the long term health of your rabbit.  SBRR does not promote the breeding of rabbits to sale as pets. See our calendar for Low Cost Spay and Neuter options for the public.


Adopt don't shop.  You hear it everywhere but it is true.  Rabbits that are available for adoption through our rescue are happy, healthy and well adjusted rabbits. They are handled regularly and get socialized with other animals so they have lost some of their 'fear and flight' response.  Currently, private party spay or neuter is anywhere from $285.00 to $589.00.  Adopting from us includes spay or neuter.  As a non profit, we are not looking to get rich. In fact we are lucky to break even!  We love what we do and we want to find good homes for those that we love, THE RABBITS! Click on the picture to the right to view our available rabbits.

Education for Prevention of Cruelty

It is our belief that most humans do not intend to be cruel to their rabbits, it just happens because the human doesn't know any better.  It is also understood that the perception of cruelty is different to each human.  By educating the human on what is 'considered' cruel in the rabbit world they then have a choice and can choose the right path. That is where we offer education to give them other options and help them understand why this is considered cruel.  Do unto rabbits as you would have done unto you?

Foster Rabbits for FFA Programs in High School

We believe that FFA (Future Farmers of America) is a vital part of education.  We also believe that not all FFA students want to raise an animal for show, sell and slaughter.  That is where we come in.  Students can foster rabbits for their FFA assignment and when the assignment is over the rabbit is returned to SBRR!  It is a win win situation.  Click on the Volunteer Application button to begin.

We're a team of dedicated individuals who do what we do just for the love of bunnies!

You may say that we are 'A Carrot Top' above the rest!